Wednesday, 11 June 2014

ESS STATEMENT Rahman Should Listen and Present People's Views on Sabah Rights...


Rahman Should Listen and Present People's

Views on Sabah Rights to Federal Govt.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Kota Kinabalu: “The Kota Belud MP cum

federal Minister of Urban Well-being, Housing

and Local Government, is out of touch with

reality and present undercurrents and does

not understand the people’s views on Sabah

rights. He should listen to the voices of the

people and present their views on Sabah rights

to the federal government as a leader from Sabah” said Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan, STAR

Sabah Chief in response to the Minister’s intimidating threats for stern action to be taken for protagonists of Sabah rights.

It is wrong for the Minister to threaten and

intimidate patriotic Malaysians from questioning the basis of the formation of Malaysia and its non-compliance and thereby questioning whether there should be a separation of ways if the basis of formation

continues to be breached.

The Minister should listen to the views of the

people as it has been opined that a slight

majority of Sarawakians would opt out of Malaysia given the current circumstances of

discontentment over the treatment of Sabah

and Sarawak by the federal powers.

It is not treasonous or seditious for any Sabahan/Sarawakian or for the matter any

Malaysian to seek and demand the restoration

of the rights, privileges and autonomy of the

Borneo States that were taken away or eroded

since 1963 and citing separation at an ultimate

step if the basis of the formation of Malaysia is not honoured.

The Minister should take a lesson or two in

history from the Chief Minister of Sarawak

that Sabah and Sarawak (with Singapore then)

formed Malaysia in 1963 and they did not join

Malaysia as Malaysia did not exist then. What

was in existence and gained independence

from the British on 31 August 1957 was the Federation of Malaya?

Malaysia was never colonized and never gained any independence and the original

Umno never fought for the independence of

Malaysia. Malaysia never existed before 1963 and Malaysia would not have existed even today without Sabah and Sarawak.

The Minister through his behaviour and

threats appear to be trapped in the mindset

of a feudal Umno/Malayan warlord or as an

unpatriotic Sabahan like the fake Sabahans that are regularly arrested and jailed in the Peninsula.

If the Minister wish to question the patriotism

of genuine Malaysians, the Minister should

look into the problems of illegal immigrants given dubious or fake ICs and question the patriotism of these “2-minute instant Malaysians” with dubiously issued Malaysian ICs.

Many of these fake IC holders and fake Sabahans have been arrested, including those that have committed serious crimes and they will continue to appear all over Malaysia since no action has been taken to eradicate the problem.

“Why is the Minister not calling for these fake Sabahans/Malaysians to be arrested for being security threats to the peace and harmony of Malaysia?”

“Why is the Minister not calling for the powers

that be that were behind the issuance of these dubious and fake ICs to be arrested for

treason” quizzed Dr. Jeffrey.

If the Minister is a true and patriotic Sabahan

and has the heart for the welfare and interests of his fellow Sabahans, he should

listen to the out-pouring of his fellow citizens

in Sabah and Sarawak and then present them as a responsible federal Minister to the federal

government so that action can be taken to solve their discontentment and ensure a peaceful and harmonious Malaysia for another

50 years to come.

If the Minster is a true Sabahan, he should ask himself which is true, “Sabah Maju Jaya Dalam Malaysia” or “Sabah Termiskin Dalam


The Minister should also realize that he was

made a federal Minister because of the kingmakers’ powers wielded by Sabah and Sarawak and championed by the opposition. If not for the kingmakers’ role and the voices of the opposition, the Minister may just be an ordinary, or worse, an opposition Member of Parliament today.

The biggest threat to the security, peace and harmony of the nation and the break-up of Malaysia is from the ruling government leaders like the Minister who refuses to acknowledge the simmering discontent of the people.

If the federal government truly respect and

honour the basis of the formation of Malaysia

and treat Sabah and Sarawak fairly and as equal partners, there is no reason for any person to want Sabah and Sarawak out of Malaysia.

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