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Najib on Sarawak's Oil Stand Shames Sabah

BN Leaders

Tuesday, June 3rd;, 2014

Kota Kinabalu: “The impromptu response by

PM Najib that the federal government will give

utmost consideration to Sarawak’s request for

higher oil and gas royalties certainly has

shamed the Sabah Government and BN

leaders and put them in a bad light” said

Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan, Sabah STAR Chief, in

responding to PM Najib’s reply to CM Adenan’s

speech on Sarawak seeking higher royalties.

While CM Adenan’s speech may not be off the

cuff given that the Sarawak legislative assembly had adopted the motion unanimously to seek higher oil royalties, it was

nonetheless very significant and important that Adenan had taken the occasion of Najib’s

presence at the Malaysia Gawai Dayak Open House in Miri to make the request.

Adenan’s request certainly has no parallel in

Sabah where the Sabah government and its

BN leaders have been muted in their stand on

higher oil royalties.

Sabah Umno leaders were no were to be seen

or heard on Sabah’s oil and gas rights. Some

of the other component parties had to resort

to getting their youth wings to make a stand

while their senior leaders were dumbfounded

by the common people’s stand that Sabah

should be given higher royalties if not taking

back the full ownership rights.

At the legislative assembly level, it was a no-

contest between Sabah and Sarawak.

The Sarawak lawmakers had made an

unequivocal and clear-cut 71-0 demand for

higher royalties. On the Sabah front, a motion

to debate on Sabah’s oil rights and royalties

were flatly rejected and added with an

emotional charade by the CM.

“With this latest development and assurance

by the PM, the Sabah government and its

leaders should re-assess their position and

make a positive stand and at least demand for

higher royalties if not for return of the oil

ownership rights as well as shares in Petronas”

suggested Dr. Jeffrey.

“After all, they have been boasting of and

harping on the good and cordial relationship

with the federal government” added Dr. Jeffrey.

These Sabah leaders should shed their vested

interests and look after Sabah’s and Sabahans’

rights, interest and welfare. They should not

take Sabahans for granted any longer.

They should demand for Sabah’s oil rights for

the benefit of all Sabahans, including those

yet-born even if it means losing their high

positions. By not doing so, it can only mean

that the good relations do not exist except in their imagination.

The Chief Minister and the Sabah government

should start representing then people of

Sabah as true elected representatives. As the

Chief Minister, Datuk Seri Musa Aman should

give priority to the interests of Sabah and not

the interests of Umno. He should not be

trapped in the mindset as a Umno

representative but rather as the leader of all

Sabahans and looking after the larger interests

of all Sabahans, not Umno’s interests.

Perhaps, the Chief Minister of Sabah can go

one up on his counterpart in Sarawak by

seeking for shares in Petronas for Sabah and

all the oil-producing States. It is not wrong for

the Chief Minister and the Sabah government

to demand for ownership of Petronas.

“How wonderful it would be for Sabah if all

Sabah BN leaders, at all levels, were to make

a similar stand to ask for higher oil royalties

and shares in Petronas and show that they are

also true patriots of Sabah and not meek

leaders and stooges of Kuala Lumpur” wished

Dr. Jeffrey.

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