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ESS STATEMENT “Set Up Sarawak Homeland Security and IPCMC–Dr.Jeffrey” ......


“Set Up Sarawak Homeland Security and IPCMC–Dr.Jeffrey”


Kota Kinabalu: “The Sarawak government should consider setting up a Sarawak Homeland Security Ministry and Department to provide better security of Sarawak and its people and at the same time to complement and supplement the shortcomings of the federal agencies in protecting the people in Sarawak" said Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan, STAR Sabah Chief, commenting on the complaint by Tan Sri James Masing that the federal police remained idle and failed to act on the complaints of native landowners to protect their native customary rights from thugs and gangsters.

In fact, it is disappointing to hear that Tan Sri Masing have had to submit a detailed account to the federal police in Bukit Aman and MACC to investigate further on the non-action of the police to protect the local natives and their NCR claims.

Unlike the failure of the federal agencies responsible to protect Sabah’s internal security and borders from outsiders and illegal immigrants given dubious MyKads, the failure of the police to protect local native landowners is grave and serious.

“The primary function of the police is to protect local citizens and their failure to protect native Sarawakians from thugs and gangsters and their violence is totally inexcusable” asserted Dr. Jeffrey.

Fortunately, Sarawak does not have a serious illegal immigrant problem. Imagine if Sarawak had illegals running all over Sarawak, there would have been total chaos given the failure of the police to even take basic action to protect Sarawakians.

The failure of the police to protect Sarawakians is further compounded by the reports of Penan children being detained for allegedly seeking donations from motorists during the Murum dam blockade.

“Why is there a need to detain children even if the police were to carry out investigations?” queried Dr. Jeffrey.

As can be seen from the detention of children, the complaints of the natives and Masing himself, the federal government does not give the due respect and attention to the people in the Borneo States.

Hence, as an elected representative of the people, I humbly suggest that the Sarawak government takes pro-active steps to protect their own citizens by setting up a Sarawak Homeland Ministry and Department.

With the Sarawak government having some complementary control over their own internal security, it will be able to provide better safety for its citizens and its borders.

At the same time, we cannot allow the security and high handedness of the police to reach the stage like the situation of the police in the Peninsula resorting to wanton shooting killings, corruption and numerous complaints of police brutality and misconduct especially to the opposition and the general public.

Perhaps, it is time for the federal government to seriously consider and set up an Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC). If the police is not worried and deny any police wrong doing, there is no reason for them to turn down the establishment of the IPCMC.

After all, if the IPCMC is set up, it will help enhance public perception and confidence in the police.

Datuk Dr.Jeffrey Kitingan

Chairman, STAR Sabah

11 November 2013

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