Thursday, 2 May 2013

Send Kanul to Parliament, pleads Patrick Sindu

By Patrick Sindu

Patrick Sindu urging voters in Kota Belud

parliamentary area to vote for Kanul Gindol

PAPAR : As a veteran activist in Malaysia, I felt called to support fellow consumer and political activist, Kanul Gindol, who as an independent candidate is seeking to be elected Kota Belud member of parliament this Sunday polling.

I for one as an activist fully support what Kanul has been trying to do all these years, getting himself into Malaysian Parliament. We now have a chance to send him into Parliament via the Kota Belud seat.

I have known Kanul for many years and he would make the best parliamentarian not only for all Sabahans but Sarawakians too, and on top of that as a fearless mouthpiece for non-governmenatl organisations (NGO) and the marginalised.

Please give Kanul a chance as an NGO parliamentarian, to talk about the difficulties we face in Sabah, and especially us who happen to be Christians who for all these years have been suffering and humiliated by a rotten regime who seek to perpetuate suppression of freedom for Christian religions and lower the representation of Christians in both parliament and state assemblies .

As an independent parliamentarian, Kanul would make the best lawmaker and he would be at liberty to speak up against bad policies and even bad parties or fellow parliamentarians who unashamedly seek to burn others' holy scriptures.

Those in political parties would not be able to do so as they are governed by their own respective parties' rules and policies, and that being in a political party the parliamentarian could not simply talk except to toe the party line.

I am very proud of my dear friend Kanul, who not only as a mind-opening journalist, but he had also already been around the world, especially in Europe's capitals, speaking for us and seeking ways to end this shackles of a chocking regime that had rendered Sabah the poorest and the most marginalised.

Kanul, who uses "key" as his symbol for this election, is a key to our destiny of our survival.

Besides Kota Belud, i am urging Sabahan voters in all other constituencies to please vote for Pakatan Rakyat candidates.

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