Sunday, 28 April 2013

There is need to increase Christian reps, says Kanul

Kanul Gindol, contesting in Kota Belud parliamentary

under BEBAS platform with a key as it symbol.

By Ezra Haganez

KOTA BELUD : There is a need to increase the number of Christian parliamentarians as the group was currently under-represented, claimed an independent candidate for the Kota Belud parliamentary seat here.

Kanul Gindol, 47, said there could well be less than 10 percent Christian MPs in Malaysia's Parliament, thus this had helped put Christians here vulnerable to exploitations and bullying by the larger blocks.

"A huge majority of the total 222 parliamentary seats in Parliament are already occupied by Muslim MPs as well as the Chinese leaders.

We have no qualm about them winning, but we must seek to increase Christian representation at the House if we are to be heard and respected," he said at his dialogue with community leaders in Kampung Gaur near here yesterday.

Kanul who uses a "key" as his symbol for this May 5 poll, is the sole Christian candidate for Kota Belud parliamentary seat.

He is facing four other aspirants -- incumbent Abdul Rahman Dahlan of UMNO, PKR's Inaraisah Munirah Majilis, Jalumin Bayogoh of STAR and another independent candidate, Lamsil Hamidsor, who has since been "expelled" from UMNO for going against the BN candidate.

According to Kanul, a journalist cum political activist, the under-represented Christian community, had been subjected to loads of marginalisation and ridicule by the establishment and that certain parties from Peninsular simply took them for granted because of their weak number in Parliament.

"So bad was the bullying of the Christians now that an MP had last year even gone overboard calling muslims to burn Christian publications including our Holy Bible or Alkitab. This MP is now rewarded when UMNO withdrew its candidate to pave for his return to Parliament.

"This is unacceptable, particularly because the MP concerned was known to be close, either previously or now, openly or in secret, to both leaders of the ruling Barisan Nasional and opposition Pakatan Rakyat," he claimed.

Kanul, who heads a UK-based NGO, Borneo Rights International ( BRI ), said political parties especially those who claimed to be fighting for minority groups should be mindful of the fact that Christians are already under-represented, and the situation should not be made worse.

"I cannot keep silent when we are taken for granted... Malaysia however is a democratic country and anybody could stand for election, and here today i am seeking to be elected as your representative in Parliament," he told the community leaders.

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